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Womans OL Lace Puff Sleeve Knee-Length Black Vintage Casual Dress Female Outwear

- 3 Customer Reviews

Price: US $9.99 Approximately £7.19

Cramond Leopard & Pythong Print Anorak Jacket In Beige but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining


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3 review for Pouch Pocket Jacket
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    I really took a risk ordering an item that didn't have any reviews. Turned out perfect! It's surprisingly lightweight, extremely comfortable, and easy to style. I ordered my normal size (medium) and it fit exactly as advertised.

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    The disappointment here for me with this dress is that the knit material is way too thin. It reminded me of gauze. One snag or pull and it’s going to go right in the wastebasket. It does not appear as thin or of lesser quality at all than what is pictured on the model.

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